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1    communication and contact between groups or units  
2    modifier   of or relating to liaison between groups or units  
a liaison officer     
3    a secretive or adulterous sexual relationship  
4    the relationship between military units necessary to ensure unity of purpose  
5    (in the phonology of several languages, esp. French) the pronunciation of a normally silent consonant at the end of a word immediately before another word commencing with a vowel, in such a way that the consonant is taken over as the initial sound of the following word. Liaison is seen between French ils (il) and ont (ɔ̃), to give ils ont (il zɔ̃)  
6    any thickening for soups, sauces, etc., such as egg yolks or cream  
     (C17: via French from Old French, from lier to bind, from Latin ligare)  

liaison officer  
1    a person who liaises between groups or units  
2      (N.Z.)   a university official who oversees the operation of the accrediting system in schools  
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1    communication, connection, contact, go-between, hook-up, interchange, intermediary  
2    affair, amour, entanglement, illicit romance, intrigue, love affair, romance  

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