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      vb   , leads, leading, led  
1    to show the way to (an individual or a group) by going with or ahead  
lead the party into the garden     
2    to guide or be guided by holding, pulling, etc.  
he led the horse by its reins     
3    tr   to cause to act, feel, think, or behave in a certain way; induce; influence  
he led me to believe that he would go     
4    tr   to phrase a question to (a witness) that tends to suggest the desired answer  
5    when intr, foll by: to   (of a road, route, etc.) to serve as the means of reaching a place  
6    tr   to go ahead so as to indicate (esp. in the phrase lead the way)  
7    to guide, control, or direct  
to lead an army     
8    tr   to direct the course of or conduct (water, a rope or wire, etc.) along or as if along a channel  
9    to initiate the action of (something); have the principal part in (something)  
to lead a discussion     
10    to go at the head of or have the top position in (something)  
he leads his class in geography     
11    intr; foll by: with   to have as the first or principal item  
the newspaper led with the royal birth     
12      (Music)  
a      (Brit)   to play first violin in (an orchestra)  
b    intr   (of an instrument or voice) to be assigned an important entry in a piece of music  
13    to direct and guide (one's partner) in a dance  
14    tr  
a    to pass or spend  
I lead a miserable life     
b    to cause to pass a life of a particular kind  
to lead a person a dog's life     
15    intr; foll by: to   to tend (to) or result (in)  
this will only lead to misery     
16    to initiate a round of cards by putting down (the first card) or to have the right to do this  
she led a diamond     
17    tr   to aim at a point in front of (a moving target) in shooting, etc., in order to allow for the time of flight  
18    intr     (Boxing)   to make an offensive blow, esp. as one's habitual attacking punch  
southpaws lead with their right     
19    lead astray   to mislead so as to cause error or wrongdoing  
20    lead by the nose      See       nose       12  
a    the first, foremost, or most prominent place  
b    (as modifier)  
lead singer     
22    example, precedence, or leadership  
the class followed the teacher's lead     
23    an advance or advantage held over others  
the runner had a lead of twenty yards     
24    anything that guides or directs; indication; clue  
25       another name for       leash  
26    the act or prerogative of playing the first card in a round of cards or the card so played  
27    the principal role in a play, film, etc., or the person playing such a role  
a    the principal news story in a newspaper  
the scandal was the lead in the papers     
b    the opening paragraph of a news story  
c    (as modifier)  
lead story     
29      (Music)   an important entry assigned to one part usually at the beginning of a movement or section  
30    a wire, cable, or other conductor for making an electrical connection  
31      (Boxing)  
a    one's habitual attacking punch  
b    a blow made with this  
32      (Nautical)   the direction in which a rope runs  
33    a deposit of metal or ore; lode  
34    the firing of a gun, missile, etc., ahead of a moving target to correct for the time of flight of the projectile,   (See also)        lead off       lead on       lead up to  
     (Old English lædan; related to lithan to travel, Old High German lidan to go)  
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lead; run
quarterback a meeting
Free On Board: A legal term meaning that when the seller loads merchandise for transportation, he bears full responsibility for it but if the merchandise is later lost or harmed, the buyer suffers the loss.
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