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1    potential but not obvious or explicit  
2    (of buds, spores, etc.) dormant  
3      (Pathol)   (esp. of an infectious disease) not yet revealed or manifest  
4    (of a virus) inactive in the host cell, its nucleic acid being integrated into, and replicated with, the host cell's DNA  
5      (Psychoanal)   relating to that part of a dream expressive of repressed desires  
latent content         Compare       manifest       2  
     (C17: from Latin latent-, from latens present participle of latere to lie hidden)  
  latency      n  
  latently      adv  

latent heat  
      n   no longer in technical usage   the heat evolved or absorbed by unit mass (specific latent heat) or unit amount of substance (molar latent heat) when it changes phase without change of temperature  
latent image  
      n     (Photog)   the invisible image produced by the action of light, etc., on silver halide crystals suspended in the emulsion of a photographic material. It becomes visible after development  
latent learning  
      n     (Psychol)   learning mediated neither by reward nor by the expectation of reward  
latent period  
1    the incubation period of an infectious disease, before symptoms appear  
2       another name for       latent time  
latent time  
      n     (Psychol)   the time from the onset of a stimulus to that of the response,   (Also called)    latency, reaction time  
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