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      adj   often prenominal  
1    being, happening, or coming at the end or after all others  
the last horse in the race     
2    being or occurring just before the present; most recent  
last Thursday     
3    last but not least   coming last in order but nevertheless important  
4    last but one   next to last  
5    only remaining  
one's last cigarette     
6    most extreme; utmost  
7    least suitable, appropriate, or likely  
he was the last person I would have chosen     
8      (esp. relating to the end of a person's life or of the world)  
a    final or ultimate  
last rites     
b    (cap.)  
the Last Judgment     
9    postpositive     (Liverpool)  
dialect   inferior, unpleasant, or contemptible  
this ale is last     
10    after all others; at or in the end  
he came last     
a    most recently  
he was last seen in the mountains     
b    (in combination)  
12    sentence modifier   as the last or latest item  
13    the last  
a    a person or thing that is last  
b    the final moment; end  
14    one's last moments before death  
15    the last thing a person can do (esp. in the phrase breathe one's last)  
16    the final appearance, mention, or occurrence  
we've seen the last of him     
17    at last   in the end; finally  
18    at long last   finally, after difficulty, delay, or irritation,   (See also)        last out  
     (variant of Old English latest, lætest, superlative of late)  
Since last can mean either after all others or most recent, it is better to avoid using this word where ambiguity might arise as in her last novel. Final or latest should be used in such contexts to avoid ambiguity  
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