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      n   pl   , knives  
1    a cutting instrument consisting of a sharp-edged often pointed blade of metal fitted into a handle or onto a machine  
2    a similar instrument used as a weapon  
3    have one's knife in someone   to have a grudge against or victimize someone  
4    twist the knife   to make a bad situation worse in a deliberately malicious way  
5    the knives are out for (someone)     (Brit)   people are determined to harm or put a stop to (someone)  
the knives are out for Stevens     
6    under the knife   undergoing a surgical operation  
      vb   tr  
7    to cut, stab, or kill with a knife  
8    to betray, injure, or depose in an underhand way  
     (Old English cnif; related to Old Norse knifr, Middle Low German knif)  
  knifelike      adj  
  knifer      n  

bowie knife  
      n   a stout hunting knife with a short hilt and a guard for the hand  
     (C19: named after Jim Bowie, who popularized it)  
carving knife  
      n   a long-bladed knife for carving cooked meat for serving  
case knife  
      n      another name for       sheath knife  
clasp knife  
      n   a large knife with one or more blades or other devices folding into the handle  
flick knife  
      n   a knife with a retractable blade that springs out when a button is pressed,   (U.S. and Canadian word)    switchblade  
fruit knife  
      n   a small stainless knife for cutting fruit  
hunting knife  
      n   a knife used for flaying and cutting up game and sometimes for killing it  
knife edge  
1    the sharp cutting edge of a knife  
2    any sharp edge  
3    a sharp-edged wedge of hard material on which the beam of a balance pivots or about which a pendulum is suspended  
4    a critical point in the development of a situation, process of making a decision, etc.  
knife grinder  
      n   a person who makes and sharpens knives, esp. an itinerant one  
knife pleat  
      n   a single pleat turned in one direction  
1    the tip of a knife blade  
2    at knife-point   under threat of being stabbed  
knife switch  
      n   an electric switch in which a flat metal blade, hinged at one end, is pushed between fixed contacts  
pallet knife  
      n      a variant spelling of       palette knife  
sheath knife  
      n   a knife carried in or protected by a sheath  
Stanley knife  
      n   Trademark   a type of knife used for carpet fitting, etc., consisting of a thick hollow metal handle with a short, very sharp, replaceable blade inserted at one end  
     (C19: named after F.T. Stanley, US businessman and founder of the Stanley Rule and Level Company)  
trench knife  
      n   a double-edged steel knife for close combat  
     (C20: so called because such knives were carried by patrols in the Trenches during World War I)  
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