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1    eager or enthusiastic  
2    postpositive; foll by: on   fond (of); devoted (to)  
keen on a girl, keen on golf     
3    intellectually acute  
a keen wit     
4    (of sight, smell, hearing, etc.) capable of recognizing fine distinctions  
5    having a sharp cutting edge or point  
6    extremely cold and penetrating  
a keen wind     
7    intense or strong  
a keen desire     
8      (Chiefly Brit)   extremely low so as to be competitive  
keen prices     
9    Slang     (chiefly U.S. and Canadian)   very good  
     (Old English cene; related to Old High German kuoni brave, Old Norse koenn wise; see can1, know)  
   keenly             adv  
  keenness      n  
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