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1    a junction of two or more parts or objects  
2    the part or space between two such junctions  
3      (Anatomy)   the junction between two or more bones, usually formed of connective tissue and cartilage  
4    the point of connection between movable parts in invertebrates, esp. insects and other arthropods  
   Related adj       articular  
5    the part of a plant stem from which a branch or leaf grows  
6    one of the parts into which a carcass of meat is cut by the butcher, esp. for roasting  
7      (Geology)   a crack in a rock along which no displacement has occurred  
8    Slang  
a    a disreputable establishment, such as a bar or nightclub  
b    Often facetious   a dwelling or meeting place  
9    Slang   a cannabis cigarette  
10    out of joint  
a    dislocated  
b    out of order or disorganized  
11    put someone's nose out of joint      See       nose       18  
12    shared by or belonging to two or more  
joint property     
13    created by combined effort  
14    sharing with others or with one another  
joint rulers     
15      (Law)   (of persons) combined in ownership or obligation; regarded as a single entity in law  
      vb   tr  
16    to provide with or fasten by a joint or joints  
17    to plane the edge of (a board, etc.) into the correct shape for a joint  
18    to cut or divide (meat, fowl, etc.) into joints or at a joint  
   jointly             adv  
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