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An English monolingual dictionary is useful for understanding a word meaning - not only for native English speakers, but also for those who are learning English as a second language. Whether you are translating from English into your mother tongue or you simply don’t know what a word means, you can always count on our English dictionary, with its definitions of common words, technical terms and idioms, many of them added by our community members.

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slot {1} slot machine slough {1} slow march slow match
slowpoke slue {2} sluff slug {1} slug {2}
sluggish smithsonite smitten smock mill smoke tree
smoking jacket smolt smooth snake smoothen smoothing circuit
smoothing iron snooker snot snotter snotty
snowblower snowfield snowflake snowman snowshed
Snr snuggery so {1} so {2} so-and-so
sociopolitical sock {1} sock {2} Socotra sod off
Soddy sodger sodium hydroxide sodium hyposulphite sodium lamp
soffit soft hyphen soft line soft loan Solemn League and Covenant
solenette solenoid solfatara solfeggio solid injection
solitary solitary confinement sollicker solonetz Solti
sonorous Sons of Freedom Sontag Soochow sool
sooner soothfast sop. Soper Sorata
sorites sourpuss sourwood souse {1} souse {2}
South Arabia spag {2} spahi Spallanzani span {2}
span saw spandex Spanish cedar Spanish Civil War Spanish mackerel
Spanish Sahara Spanish West Africa spansule spare part spare tyre
spark off spark plug sparking plug sparling sparrow hawk
specific impulse specific performance specific viscosity specific volume specification
specify specimen specious speckle speckle interferometry
speckled trout speckled wood specs spectacles spectacular
spectate spectator spectator sport spectral spectral luminous efficiency
spectral type spectre spectrin spectrofluorimeter spectrograph
spectroheliograph spectrohelioscope spectrometer spectrophotometer spectroscope
spectroscopic analysis spectrum analyser spectrum analysis specular speculation
speculative speculator sped speech act speech day
speech from the throne speech recognition speech therapy speech-reading speechify
speechless speed skating speed trap speed up speedball
speedboat speedfreak speedo speedometer speedy

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