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An English monolingual dictionary is useful for understanding a word meaning - not only for native English speakers, but also for those who are learning English as a second language. Whether you are translating from English into your mother tongue or you simply don’t know what a word means, you can always count on our English dictionary, with its definitions of common words, technical terms and idioms, many of them added by our community members.

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potter {1} potty {2} Potyomkin poult {2} poulterer
practical joke prae- praedial Praesepe prairie dog
prairie oyster prairie turnip prairie wolf praiseworthy prajna
pralltriller pram {1} prank {2} pratique Prato
prawn cracker pre-Columbian preachify pref. prenatal
preparatory school pressure cooker pressure drag pressure gauge pressure group
pressure head pressure point pressure suit pressure vessel prest {2}
prestige Prestwick pretonic pretor Pretoria
Pretorius prevalent prevaricate prevenient prevision
prevocalic Prévost d'Exiles Priapus price tag price-dividend ratio
printer's devil private enterprise private member's bill private patient prochronism
proclitic proclivity proconsul Procopius procrastinate
Procrustean proctology procuratory prodrome product placement
production platform profile component profile drag progeria promotive
prompt side promptitude pron. Propaganda proparoxytone
propelling pencil propend proposal prothonotary proto-
Proto-Germanic protoactinium protochordate protoctist protomorphic
proton number prototype protozoology protractor protrude
pseudovector psi {2} psig PSK PSL
psoas PSS psst PSTN PSV
psych out Psyche psychedelia psychedelic psychiatric social worker
psycho- psychoactive psychoanalysis psychological moment psychological warfare
psychologism puccoon puerilism puerperal fever puffball
puffbird puffer puffery puffin puke
pukeko pulchritude pull back pull off pull on
pull out pull through pull together punster purblind
purchasable purine purloin Purple Heart purple patch
purple-fringed orchid purported purposeful pylorectomy Pyongyang
pyorrhoea pyosis pyr- qintar Qiqihar
QKtP ql Qld QP Qq.

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