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An English monolingual dictionary is useful for understanding a word meaning - not only for native English speakers, but also for those who are learning English as a second language. Whether you are translating from English into your mother tongue or you simply don’t know what a word means, you can always count on our English dictionary, with its definitions of common words, technical terms and idioms, many of them added by our community members.

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May queen maya Mayfair meal moth mealie meal
mealies mealworm mean deviation mean distance mean lethal dose
mean life mean time meander Meander meanie
means of production meant meantime measly measureless
measurement ton Meath mechanistic mechanize mechanoreceptor
Mechlin lace meck meet {2} meeting house mega-
megalocephaly megaphyll megasporangium megasporophyll megass
megaton megavolt Meghalaya Meilhac meiny
meiocyte meiofauna melancholic melancholy Melanesian
melange melanin Menam mendacity Mennonite
Menorca mensal {1} mental {1} Menton merman
mesh connection mesnalty mesogastrium mesoglea mesognathous
mesokurtic Mesolithic Mesolonghi Mesolóngion mesophyll
Mesopotamia mesothorax metarchon metastable Metastasio
metastasis metastasize metecdysis metempsychosis meteoric water
meth- Meth. methacrylic acid Methodist Methodius
methodize methotrexate methoxide Methuselah {2} methyl acetate
methyl alcohol methyl methacrylate mi. MI5 miasma
Michelangelo Michelet Michelson-Morley experiment mickey {1} mickey {2}
microbalance microbarograph microbe microdont microelectronics
microfilament microfilaria microglia Middle Palaeolithic Middle Temple
middle term Middle West middle-age spread middle-distance middle-of-the-road
middlebreaker middlebrow middlemost Middlesbrough Middlesex
Middleton {1} Middleton {2} middleweight middling middlings
Middx middy blouse Mideast midfield Midgard
midget midgut Midheaven Midi MIDI
midi system Midi-Pyrénées Midian midland Midlands
Midlothian midnight sun midpoint midsection midship
midshipman midships midst {1} midstream midsummer madness
Midsummer's Day midsummer-men midterm midway Midway Islands

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