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trichinize Trichinopoly trichinosis trichinous trichloroethylene
trichlorophenoxyacetic acid trichocyst trichogyne trilemma trilinear
triliteral trilithon trill {1} trill {2} Trilling
trillion trillium trilobate trilobite trilocular
trilogy trim Trim trim size trim tab
trimaran Trimble trimer trimester trimeter
trimethadione trimetric trimetric projection trimetrogon trimmer
trimming trimolecular trimonoecious trimonthly trimorph
trimorphism trinary Trincomalee trine Trinidad
Trinidad and Tobago Trinil man Trinitarian trinitrobenzene trinitrocresol
trinitroglycerine trinitrophenol trinitrotoluene trinity Trinity Brethren
Trinity House Trinity Sunday Trinity term trinket trio
triode triose trioxide trip trip out
trip switch trip-hop tripartite tripartition tripe
tripersonal triphammer triphenylmethane triphibious triphthong
triphylite tripinnate Tripitaka tripl. triple
triple A triple bond triple crown Triple Entente triple expansion engine
triple jump triple point triple time triple-nerved triple-tongue
triplet tripletail triplex troilism Trois Rivières
Trojan asteroid Trojan Horse troll {1} troll {2} trolley
trolley car trolleybus trollius trollop Trollope
tromba marina trombidiasis trombone trommel Tromp
trompe Tromsø tron Trondheim tronk
troop troop carrier trooper troopship troostite
trop. tropaeolin trope trophallaxis trophic
trophoblast trophoplasm trophozoite trophy tropic
tropical tropical year tropicalize tropicbird tropine
tropism tropo- tropology tropopause tropophilous
tropophyte troposphere troppo {1} troppo {2} Trossachs
trot Trot trot out troth trothplight
trotline Trotsky Trotskyism Trotskyist International trotter
trotting race trotyl troubadour trouble trouble spot
troublemaker troubleshooter troublesome troublous trough
trouper troupial trous-de-loup trouser trousers
trousseau trove trover trow Trowbridge
trowel truth set truth table truth-function truth-value
truth-value gap truthful try try on try out
try square trying trying plane tryma trypan blue
trypanosome trypanosomiasis tryparsamide trypsin trypsinogen
trysail Tsana tsarevitch tsarevna tsarina
Tsaritsyn TSB TSE Tselinograd tsetse fly
Tshombe Tsinan Tsinghai Tsingtao Tsingyuan
Tsiolkovski Tsitsihar Tsonga tsotsitaal Tsugaru Strait
tsunami Tsushima tsutsugamushi disease Tsvetaeva Tswana
TTL TU Tu Fu tu-whit tu-whoo Tu.
Tuamotu Archipelago tuan {1} tuan {2} Tuareg tuart
tuatara tub tub-thumper tuba tubal
Tubal-cain tubate tubby tube tube fly
tube worm tubeless tyre tuber tubercle tubercle bacillus
tubercular tuberculin tuberculin-tested tuberculosis tuberose
tuberosity tuberous tubicolous tubifex tubing
Tubman Tubuai Islands tubular tungstous Tungting
Tungus Tungusic tuning tuning fork tuning key
Tunis tunnel tunnel diode tunnel disease tunnel effect
tunnel vision Tunney Tupamaro tupelo Tupi
Tupi-Guarani tupik tuppence tuppenny Tupperware
Tupungato tuque turaco Turanian turban
turbary turbellarian turbid turbidimeter turbidite
turbidity current turbinate turbine turbine blade turbit
turbo- turbo-electric turbocar turbocharger turbofan
turbogenerator turbojet turbojet engine turboprop turbosupercharger
turbot turbulence turbulent Turco- turd
Turenne turf turf accountant turf out turfman
turfy Turgenev turgescent turgid turgor
Turgot Turin Turing test turion Turishcheva
Turk Turk's-cap lily Turkana Turkestan turkey
Turkey turkey brown turkey buzzard Turkey carpet turkey cock
turkey nest Turkey oak Turkey red tutti-frutti tutty
tutu {1} tutu {2} Tutu Tutuila Tuva Republic
Tuvalu tuxedo Tuxtla Gutiérrez tuyère TV
twa twaddle twain Twain twang
twat twattle twayblade tweak tweaker
twee tweed Tweed Tweeddale Tweedledum and Tweedledee
Tweedsmuir tweedy tweeny tweet tweeter
tweeze tweezers twelfth Twelfth Day twelfth man
Twelfth Night Twelfthtide twelve twelve pitch twelve-inch
twelve-mile limit twelve-tone twelvemo twelvemonth twentieth
twenty twenty-one twenty-six counties twenty-twenty twerp
twibill twice twice-laid Twickenham twiddle
twig {1} twig {2} twiggy twilight Twilight of the Gods
twilight sleep twilight zone twill twin twin bed
twin paradox twin town twin-lens reflex twin-screw twin-tub
twinberry twine twinflower twinge twinkle
twinkling Twins twinset twirl twirp
twist typescript typeset typesetter typewrite
typewriter typewriting typhlitis typhlology Typhoeus
typhogenic typhoid typhoid fever typhoidin typhoon
typhus typical typify typing typist
typo typo. typographer typography typw.
Tyr tyramine tyrannicide tyrannize tyranny
tyrant tyrant flycatcher Tyre Tyrian Tyrian purple
tyro tyrocidine Tyrolienne tyropitta tyrosinase
tyrosine tyrothricin Tyrr Tyrrhenian Sea Tyson
Tzara tzatziki Tzekung tzetze fly tzitzit
Tzu-po u U bolt U Thant U-bend
U-shaped valley U-turn U. u.c. u.s.
UART Ubangi Ubangi-Shari uberrima fides ubiety
ubiquinone ubiquitous UBR Ubuntu UC
UCAS UCATT Ucayali Uccello UCL
ultra- ultra-distance ultrabasic ultracentrifuge ultrahigh frequency
ultraism ultralarge crude carrier ultramarine ultramicrometer ultramicroscope
ultramicroscopic ultramodern ultramontane ultramontanism ultramundane
ultranationalism ultrared ultrasonic ultrasonic cleaning ultrasonic testing
ultrasonics ultrasonography ultrasound ultrasound scanner ultrastructure
ultraviolet ultraviolet astronomy ultravirus ululate Ulyanovsk
um umbel umbelliferous umber umber moth
Umberto II umbilical umbilical cord umbilicate umbilicus
umble pie umbles umbo umbra umbrage
umbrageous umbrella umbrella bird umbrella plant umbrella stand
Umbria Umbrian Umbriel umfazi umiak
UMIST umlaut umlungu Ummah umpire
umpteen Umtali umwelt UN un- {1}
un- {2} un-American UNA una corda unabated
unable unaccommodated unaccomplished unaccountable unaccounted-for
unaccustomed unadopted unadvised unaffected {1} Unalaska Island
unalienable unalloyed Uncle Sam Uncle Tom unclean
uncleanly {2} unclear unclose unco uncoil
uncoined uncomfortable uncommercial uncommitted uncommonly
uncommunicative uncompromising unconcern unconcerned unconditioned
unconditioned stimulus unconformable unconformity unconnected unconscionable
unconscious unconsciousness unconsidered unconstitutional unconstitutional strike
uncontrollable unconventional uncool uncoordinated uncountable
uncounted uncouple uncouth uncovenanted uncovered
uncrowned UNCTAD unction unctuous uncus
uncut undamped undecagon undeceive undecided
undemonstrative undeniable under under way under-
underachieve underact underbelly underbody underbred
underbrush underbuy undercapitalize undercarriage undercart
undercharge underclass underclay undercoat undercool
undercroft undercurrent underdevelop underdog underdone
underdrain underdressed underemployed underestimate underexpose
underexposure undesigned undesigning undesirable undetermined
undid undies undine undirected undisputed world champion
undistributed undo undoing undone {1} undone {2}
undoubted undreamed undress undressed UNDRO
Undset undue undulant undulant fever undulate
undulation undulatory unduly undying unearned
unearth unearthly UNEF unemployable unemployed
unemployment unemployment benefit unemployment compensation unequal unequalled
unequivocal unerring UNESCO unessential unexceptionable
unexceptional unexcited unexpected unexperienced unexpressed
unfailing unfair unfaithful unfamiliar unfasten
unfathered unfathomable unfavourable unfazed Unfederated Malay States
unfeeling unfetter unfinished unfit unfitted
unfix unflappable unfledged unflinching unfold
unforgiving unformed unfortunate unfranked income unfreeze
unfriended unfriendly unfrock unfurl ungainly
Ungava ungovernable uniseriate unisex unisexual
unison UNISON unit character unit factor unit magnetic pole
unit of account unit price unit pricing unit process unit trust
unit-linked policy Unit. unitarian unitary unitary authority
unitary matrix unite {1} unite {2} united United Arab Emirates
United Arab Republic United Arab States United Church of Christ United Kingdom United Kingdom Overseas Territory
United Nations United Party United Provinces United Reformed Church United States of America
unitive unitize unity unity of interest unity ticket
univ. Univ. univalent univalve universal beam
universal class universal donor universal gas constant universal grammar universal joint
universal motor universal quantifier Universal Soul universal time universalism
universalist universalizability universalize universally universe
university univocal UNIX

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