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a    the passage or conveyance of goods or people  
b    (as modifier)  
a transit visa     
2    a change or transition  
3    a route  
4      (Astronomy)  
a    the passage of a celestial body or satellite across the face of a relatively larger body as seen from the earth  
b    the apparent passage of a celestial body across the meridian, caused by the earth's diurnal rotation  
5      (Astrology)   the passage of a planet across some special point on the zodiac  
6    in transit          while being conveyed; during passage  
7    to make a transit through or over (something)  
8      (Astronomy)   to make a transit across (a celestial body or the meridian)  
9    to cause (the telescope of a surveying instrument) to turn over or (of such a telescope) to be turned over in a vertical plane so that it points in the opposite direction  
     (C15: from Latin transitus a going over, from transire to pass over; see transient)  
  transitable      adj  
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1    carriage, conveyance, crossing, motion, movement, passage, portage, shipment, transfer, transport, transportation, travel, traverse  
2    alteration, change, changeover, conversion, shift, transition  
3    in transit      during passage, en route, on the journey, on the move, on the road, on the way, while travelling  
4    cross, journey, move, pass, travel, traverse  

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