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1    often foll by: to or with   identical in size, quantity, degree, intensity, etc.; the same (as)  
2    having identical privileges, rights, status, etc.  
all men are equal before the law     
3    having uniform effect or application  
equal opportunities     
4    evenly balanced or proportioned  
the game was equal between the teams     
5    usually foll. by: to   having the necessary or adequate strength, ability, means, etc. (for)  
to be equal to one's work     
6       another word for       equivalent       3a  
7    a person or thing equal to another, esp. in merit, ability, etc.  
he has no equal when it comes to boxing     
      vb   , equals, equalling, equalled  
     (U.S.)   , equals, equaling, equaled  
8    tr   to be equal to; correspond to; match  
my offer equals his     
9    intr; usually foll by: out   to become equal or level  
10    tr   to make, perform, or do something equal to  
to equal the world record     
11    tr  
Archaic   to make equal  
     (C14: from Latin aequalis, from aequus level, of obscure origin)  
  equally      adv  
The use of more equal as in from now on their relationship will be a more equal one is acceptable in modern English usage. Equally is preferred to equally as in sentences such as reassuring the victims is equally important. Just as is preferred to equally as in sentences such as their surprise was just as great as his  

      n   modifier   (of a map projection) showing area accurately and therefore distorting shape and direction,   (Also)    homolographic  
Equal Opportunities Commission  
      n   (in Britain) a body appointed by the Government to enforce the provisions of the Equal Pay Act 1970 and the Sex Discrimination Act 1975,   (Abbrev.)    EOC  
equal opportunity  
a    the offering of employment, pay, or promotion equally to all, without discrimination as to sex, race, colour, disability, etc.  
b    (as modifier)  
our equal-opportunity policy, an equal-opportunities employer     
equal pay  
      n   the right of a man or woman to receive the same pay as a person of the opposite sex doing the same or similar work for the same or a similar employer  
equal sign   , equals sign  
      n   the symbol =, used to indicate a mathematical equality  
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Materialistic concept neonewtonist. In its measures, this variation of length of traveled route (by unit of time) by a group of photons ( φ is the initial of photons) - the light signal - is equal to what is collectively called " radial velocity". It distinguishes itself from it in its gnoseology.
Phys. Concept before 2007 The redshift indicates the phi-speed of a star. But do not give the immediate knowledge of its absolute speed.
Used to express that it is impossible to decide between two options because they're equal
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