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1    sometimes foll by: of   free from hesitancy or uncertainty (with regard to a belief, conviction, etc.)  
we are sure of the accuracy of the data, I am sure that he is lying     
2    foll by: of   having no doubt, as of the occurrence of a future state or event  
sure of success     
3    always effective; unfailing  
a sure remedy     
4    reliable in indication or accuracy  
a sure criterion     
5    (of persons) worthy of trust or confidence  
a sure friend     
6    not open to doubt  
sure proof     
7    admitting of no vacillation or doubt  
he is very sure in his beliefs     
8    bound to be or occur; inevitable  
victory is sure     
9    postpositive   bound inevitably (to be or do something); certain  
she is sure to be there tonight     
10    physically secure or dependable  
a sure footing     
11    Obsolete   free from exposure to harm or danger  
12    be sure   usually imperative or dependent imperative; takes a clause as object or an infinitive, sometimes with: to replaced by and   to be careful or certain  
be sure and shut the door, I told him to be sure to shut the door     
13    for sure   without a doubt; surely  
14    make sure  
a    takes a clause as object   to make certain; ensure  
b    foll by: of   to establish or confirm power or possession (over)  
15    sure enough  
Informal   as might have been confidently expected; definitely: often used as a sentence substitute  
16    to be sure  
a    without doubt; certainly  
b    it has to be acknowledged; admittedly  
17    sentence substitute  
Informal   willingly; yes  
18    sentence modifier  
Informal     (chiefly U.S. and Canadian)   without question; certainly  
     (C14: from Old French seur, from Latin securus secure)  
  sureness      n  

      adj   usually prenominal  
Informal   certain to succeed or meet expectations; assured  
1    unlikely to fall, slip, or stumble  
2    not likely to err or fail, as in judgment  
  sure-footedly      adv  
  sure-footedness      n  
sure thing   Informal  
1    sentence substitute     (Chiefly U.S.)   all right! yes indeed! used to express enthusiastic assent  
2    something guaranteed to be successful  
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Phrase used when someone has brought all the evidences to support his point of view; "I'm done with explanations"
I can't understand it, I can't believe it, I can't accept it
abbr. acron.
I don't give a fuck
abbr. acron.
Short for "I love you".
abbr. acron.
Short for "today I learned".
[Fam.];[Slang] When you learn about information that isn’t new but is novel for you, share it with the world by adding a “TIL”.
abbr. acron.
Short for "I don't know".
a cool way of saying 'for sure', 'definitely'
[US];[informal] popularized among others by the rapper Snoop Dogg. Ex: Hey dude, this party is going to be off the hook, fo’ shizzle!
launch the process, launch the project, make sure that progress is under way
acronym of As Far As I Know, from the best of my knowledge, according to the information that I have
I have no idea; I don't have a clue
[Informal] E.g.: Why was she upset? - Beats me!
it occurred to me, I suddenly thought of it, I had an idea all of a sudden
E.g: I wondered all day long how to solve this problem and it suddenly hit me...I had to talk to Marry.
"It's a list of all the people and things I hate so much I want to hit them in the face with a shovel." Concept coming from the Marian Keyes novel, The Mystery of Mercy Close (2012).
is a test process that is performed after the software has been changed in order to verify if the changes didn't affect other software parts
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