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      n   pl   , -ties  
1    the power of choosing, thinking, and acting for oneself; freedom from control or restriction  
2    the right or privilege of access to a particular place; freedom  
3    often pl   a social action regarded as being familiar, forward, or improper  
4    often pl   an action that is unauthorized or unwarranted in the circumstances  
he took liberties with the translation     
a    authorized leave granted to a sailor  
b    (as modifier)  
liberty man, liberty boat     
6    at liberty   free, unoccupied, or unrestricted  
7    take liberties (with)   to be overfamiliar or overpresumptuous  
8    take the liberty (of or to)   to venture or presume (to do something)  
     (C14: from Old French liberté, from Latin libertas, from liber free)  

civil liberty  
      n   the right of an individual to certain freedoms of speech and action  
liberty bodice  
      n   a sleeveless vest-like undergarment made from thick cotton and covering the upper part of the body, formerly worn esp. by young children  
liberty cap  
1    a cap of soft felt worn as a symbol of liberty, esp. during the French Revolution, from the practice in ancient Rome of giving a freed slave such a cap  
2    a poisonous hallucinogenic basidiomycetous fungus, Psilocybe semilanceata, yellowish-brown with a distinctive pointed cap, found in groups in grassland  
liberty hall  
      n   sometimes caps  
Informal   a place or condition of complete liberty  
liberty horse  
      n   (in a circus) a riderless horse that performs movements to verbal commands  
Liberty Island  
      n   a small island in upper New York Bay: site of the Statue of Liberty. Area: 5 hectares (12 acres),   (Former name (until 1956))    Bedloes Island  
liberty ship  
      n   a supply ship of World War II  
Statue of Liberty  
      n   a monumental statue personifying liberty, in New York Harbor, on Liberty Island: a gift from France, erected in 1885,   (Official name)    Liberty Enlightening the World  
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a relocator refers to a person or company reponsible for the moving or relocating or one or more objects from one place to another. used in a sentence as "I am looking to hire some furniture relocators to move my items from one place to another."
me too
I can't understand it, I can't believe it, I can't accept it
means a liquid is not clear: this tea's got bits in it, I don't like yogurt with bits in it
assez proche de l'idée de 'il y a à boire et à manger'
Phrase used when someone has brought all the evidences to support his point of view; "I'm done with explanations"
it occurred to me, I suddenly thought of it, I had an idea all of a sudden
E.g: I wondered all day long how to solve this problem and it suddenly hit me...I had to talk to Marry.
absolutely not; not in this lifetime
Slang expression used mostly in 19th century
means "that's just the way it is"
c'est comme ça, point barre
new trend in computing to take into account the environmental aspect when designing IT systems.
"to be up for it" means to be willing to participate
she's really up for it: elle est partante
it sounds interesting or attractive
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