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1    the attribute of colour that enables an observer to classify it as red, green, blue, purple, etc., and excludes white, black, and shades of grey  
   See also       colour  
2    a shade of a colour  
3    aspect; complexion  
a different hue on matters     
     (Old English hiw beauty; related to Old Norse hy fine hair, Gothic hiwi form)  

Hué     (French)  
      n   a port in central Vietnam, on the delta of the Hué River near the South China Sea: former capital of the kingdom of Annam, of French Indochina (1883--1946), and of Central Vietnam (1946--54). Pop.: 219149 (1992 est.)  
hue and cry  
1    (formerly) the pursuit of a suspected criminal with loud cries in order to raise the alarm  
2    any loud public outcry  
     (C16: from Anglo-French hu et cri, from Old French hue outcry, from huer to shout, from hu! shout of warning + cri cry)  
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1    colour, dye, shade, tincture, tinge, tint, tone  
2    aspect, cast, complexion, light  

hue and cry     
brouhaha, clamour, furore, hullabaloo, much ado, outcry, ruction     (informal)   rumpus, uproar  

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