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1    an amount of something, esp. money or food, given or allotted usually at regular intervals  
2    a discount, as in consideration for something given in part exchange or to increase business; rebate  
3    (in Britain) an amount of a person's income that is not subject to income tax and is therefore deducted before his liability to taxation is assessed  
4    a portion set aside to compensate for something or to cover special expenses  
5      (Brit. education)   a salary supplement given to a teacher who is appointed to undertake extra duties and responsibilities  
6    admission; concession  
7    the act of allowing; sanction; toleration  
8    something allowed  
9    make allowances (or allowance)   usually foll by: for  
a    to take mitigating circumstances into account in consideration (of)  
b    to allow (for)  
10    tr   to supply (something) in limited amounts  

age allowance  
      n   an income tax allowance given to taxpayers aged 65 or over  
attendance allowance  
      n   (in Britain) a tax-free noncontributory welfare benefit for children over two years old and adults who are so severely disabled that they need frequent attention or continual supervision  
capital allowance  
      n   the allowing of a certain amount of money spent by a company on fixed assets to be taken off the profits of the company before tax is imposed  
Enterprise Allowance Scheme  
      n   (in Britain) a scheme to provide a weekly allowance to an unemployed person who wishes to set up a business and is willing to invest a specified amount in it during its first year  
family allowance  
1       (in Britain) a former name for       child benefit  
2    caps      the Canadian equivalent of       child benefit  
jobseeker's allowance  
      n   (in Britain) a National Insurance or social security payment for unemployed people; replaced unemployment benefit in 1996,   (Abbrev.)    JSA  
road allowance  
      n     (Canadian)   land reserved by the government to be used for public roads  
subsistence allowance  
      n     (Chiefly Brit)  
1    an advance paid to an employee before his pay begins  
2    a payment to an employee to reimburse expenses, as while on assignments  
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