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      n   Georg Wilhelm Friedrich (<PH:g><PH:e><PH:'><PH:%><PH:r><PH:k> <PH:'><PH:v><PH:I><PH:l><PH:h><PH:E><PH:l><PH:m> <PH:'><PH:f><PH:r><PH:i><PH::><PH:d><PH:r><PH:I><PH:ç>). 1770--1831, German philosopher, who created a fundamentally influential system of thought. His view of man's mind as the highest expression of the Absolute is expounded in The Phenomenology of Mind (1807). He developed his concept of dialectic, in which the contradiction between a proposition (thesis) and its antithesis is resolved at a higher level of truth (synthesis), in Science of Logic (1812--16)  
  Hegelian      adj  
  Hegelianism      n  
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