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hang on


      vb   intr  
1    adv   to continue or persist in an activity, esp. with effort or difficulty  
hang on at your present job until you can get another     
2    adv   to cling, grasp, or hold  
she hangs on to her mother's arm     
3    prep   to be conditioned or contingent on; depend on  
everything hangs on this business deal     
4    prep     (Also)    hang onto, hang upon   to listen attentively to  
she hung on his every word     
5    adv  
Informal   to wait or remain  
hang on for a few minutes     
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hang on

1    carry on, continue, endure, go on, hold on, hold out, persevere, persist, remain, stay the course  
2    cling, clutch, grasp, grip, hold fast  
3    be conditional upon, be contingent on, be dependent on, be determined by, depend on, hinge, rest, turn on  
4         hang onto, hang upon    be rapt, give ear, listen attentively  
5      (informal)   hold on, hold the line, remain, stop, wait  

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