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1    to lead the way for (a person)  
2    to control the movement or course of (an animal, vehicle, etc.) by physical action; steer  
3    to supervise or instruct (a person)  
4    tr   to direct the affairs of (a person, company, nation, etc.)  
he guided the country through the war     
5    tr   to advise or influence (a person) in his standards or opinions  
let truth guide you always     
a    a person, animal, or thing that guides  
b    (as modifier)  
a guide dog     
7    a person, usually paid, who conducts tour expeditions, etc.  
8    a model or criterion, as in moral standards or accuracy  
9       See       guidebook  
10    a book that instructs or explains the fundamentals of a subject or skill  
a guide to better living     
11    any device that directs the motion of a tool or machine part  
a    a mark, sign, etc., that points the way  
b    (in combination)  
13      (Spiritualism)   a spirit believed to influence a medium so as to direct what he utters and convey messages through him  
a      (Naval)   a ship in a formation used as a reference for manoeuvres, esp. with relation to maintaining the correct formation and disposition  
b      (Military)   a soldier stationed to one side of a column or line to regulate alignment, show the way, etc.  
     (C14: from (Old) French guider, of Germanic origin; compare Old English witan to observe)  
  guidable      adj  
  guideless      adj  
  guider      n  
  guiding      adj, n  

Brownie Guide   , Brownie  
      n   a member of the junior branch of the Guides  
Girl Guide  
      n      See       Guide  
      n   sometimes not cap   a member of an organization for girls equivalent to the Scouts,   (U.S. equivalent)    Girl Scout  
guide dog  
      n   a dog that has been specially trained to live with and accompany someone who is blind, enabling the blind person to move about safely  
guide rope  
1    a stay or rope attached to another rope that is lifting a load, either to steady the load or guide the rope  
2       another name for       dragrope       2  
guide vanes  
      pl n   fixed aerofoils that direct air, gas, or water into the moving blades of a turbine or into or around bends in ducts with minimum loss of energy  
honey guide  
      n   any small bird of the family Indicatoridae, inhabiting tropical forests of Africa and Asia and feeding on beeswax, honey, and insects: order Piciformes (woodpeckers, etc.)  
Queen's Guide  
      n   (in Britain and the Commonwealth when the sovereign is female) a Guide who has passed the highest tests of proficiency  
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