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1    intr   to stare angrily; glower  
2    tr   to express by glowering  
3    intr   (of light, colour, etc.) to be very bright and intense  
4    intr   to be dazzlingly ornamented or garish  
5    an angry stare  
6    a dazzling light or brilliance  
7    garish ornamentation or appearance; gaudiness  
     (C13: probably from Middle Low German, Middle Dutch glaren to gleam; probably related to Old English glæren glassy; see glass)  
  glareless      adj  
  glary      adj  
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glare   [2]  
      adj     (Chiefly U.S. and Canadian)   smooth and glassy  
glare ice     
     (C16: special use of glare1)  

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1    frown, give a dirty look, glower, look daggers, lour or lower, scowl, stare angrily  
2    blaze, dazzle, flame, flare  
3    angry stare, black look, dirty look, frown, glower, lour or lower, scowl  
4    blaze, brilliance, dazzle, flame, flare, glow  
5    flashiness, floridness, gaudiness, loudness, meretriciousness, showiness, tawdriness  

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glary, Glaser, glazer, glareless

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