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oak apple

, gall         
      n   any of various brownish round galls on oak trees, containing the larva of certain wasps  

Aleppo gall  
      n   a type of nutgall occurring in oaks in W Asia and E Europe  
gall          [1]  
1    Informal   impudence  
2    bitterness; rancour  
3    something bitter or disagreeable  
4      (Physiol)      an obsolete term for       bile  
5       an obsolete term for       gall bladder  
     (from Old Norse, replacing Old English gealla; related to Old High German galla, Greek khole)  
gall          [2]  
1    a sore on the skin caused by chafing  
2    something that causes vexation or annoyance  
a gall to the spirits     
3    irritation; exasperation  
4      (Pathol)   to abrade (the skin, etc.) as by rubbing  
5    tr   to irritate or annoy; vex  
     (C14: of Germanic origin; related to Old English gealla sore on a horse, and perhaps to gall1)  
gall          [3]  
      n   an abnormal outgrowth in plant tissue caused by certain parasitic insects, fungi, bacteria, or mechanical injury  
     (C14: from Old French galle, from Latin galla)  
gall.   , gal.  
      abbrev. for   gallon  
gall bladder  
      n   a muscular sac, attached to the right lobe of the liver, that stores bile and ejects it into the duodenum  
gall midge  
      n   any of various small fragile mosquito-like dipterous flies constituting the widely distributed family Cecidomyidae, many of which have larvae that produce galls on plants,   (Also called)    gallfly, gall gnat      See also       Hessian fly  
gall mite  
      n   any of various plant-feeding mites of the family Phytoptidae that cause galls or blisters on buds, leaves, or fruit  
gall wasp  
      n   any small solitary wasp of the family Cynipidae and related families that produces galls in plant tissue, which provide shelter and food for the larvae  
Saint Gall     (French)  
      n   usually abbreviated to   , St Gall  
1    a canton of NE Switzerland. Capital: St Gall. Pop.: 440744 (1995 est.). Area: 2012 sq. km (777 sq. miles)  
2    a town in NE Switzerland, capital of St Gall canton: an important educational centre in the Middle Ages. Pop.: 75541 (1994),   (German name)    Sankt Gallen  
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