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1    of, involving, or containing a function or functions  
2    practical rather than decorative; utilitarian  
functional architecture     
3    capable of functioning; working  
4      (Psychol)  
a    relating to the purpose or context of a behaviour  
b    denoting a psychosis such as schizophrenia assumed not to have a direct organic cause, like deterioration or poisoning of the brain  
5      (Maths)   a function whose domain is a set of functions and whose range is another set of functions that can be a set of numbers  
  functionally      adv  

functional calculus  
1       another name for       predicate calculus  
2    the branch of mathematics that studies the properties of functions and operations upon functions  
functional disease  
      n   a disease in which there is no observable change in the structure of an organ or part  
   Compare       organic disease  
functional group  
      n     (Chem)   the group of atoms in a compound, such as the hydroxyl group in an alcohol, that determines the chemical behaviour of the compound  
functional illiterate  
      n   a person whose literacy is insufficient for most work and normal daily situations  
  functional illiteracy      n  
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to design
[US] I style the furnitures i would like to have in my house
a teamwork session in the visual domain (design, architecture, urban planning) organized on the purpose of finalizing a project within a previously defined timeframe.
The correct spelling in French (where the word originates from) is "charrette". "charette" is the Anglicized form.
refers to a product or service whose design, blueprint or code is free to use and modify
Examples of open source projects: Linux, Mozzila Firefox (softwares); DIY open drones (drone design), arduino (electronics)
one who designs a room interior
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