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1    intr; often foll by: for or with   to grope about clumsily or blindly, esp. in searching  
he was fumbling in the dark for the money he had dropped     
2    intr; foll by: at or with   to finger or play with, esp. in an absent-minded way  
3    to say or do hesitantly or awkwardly  
he fumbled the introduction badly     
4    to fail to catch or grasp (a ball, etc.) cleanly  
5    the act of fumbling  
     (C16: probably of Scandinavian origin; related to Swedish fumla)  
  fumbler      n  
  fumblingly      adv  
  fumblingness      n  
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1    bumble, feel around, flounder, grope, paw     (informal)   scrabble  
2    bodge     (informal)   botch, bungle, cock up     (Brit. slang)   fuck up     (offensive taboo slang)   make a hash of     (informal)   make a nonsense of, mess up, misfield, mishandle, mismanage, muff, spoil  

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