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1    an edging consisting of hanging threads, tassels, etc.  
a    an outer edge; periphery  
b    (as modifier)  
fringe dwellers, a fringe area     
3    modifier   unofficial; not conventional in form  
fringe theatre     
4      (Chiefly Brit)   a section of the front hair cut short over the forehead  
5    an ornamental border or margin  
6      (Physics)   any of the light and dark or coloured bands produced by diffraction or interference of light  
      vb   tr  
7    to adorn or fit with a fringe or fringes  
8    to be a fringe for  
fur fringes the satin     
     (C14: from Old French frenge, ultimately from Latin fimbria fringe, border; see fimbria)  
  fringeless      adj  

fringe benefit  
      n   an incidental or additional advantage, esp. a benefit provided by an employer to supplement an employee's regular pay, such as a pension, company car, luncheon vouchers, etc.  
fringe tree  
      n   either of two ornamental oleaceous shrubs or small trees of the genus Chionanthus, of North America and China, having clusters of white narrow-petalled flowers  
lunatic fringe  
      n   the members of a society or group who adopt or support views regarded as extreme or fanatical  
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a potential benefit or disadvantage
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