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      n   pl   , folk, folks  
1    functioning as pl; often pl in form   people in general, esp. those of a particular group or class  
country folk     
2    functioning as pl; usually pl. in form  
Informal   members of a family  
3    functioning as sing  
Informal      short for       folk music  
4    a people or tribe  
5    modifier   relating to, originating from, or traditional to the common people of a country  
a folk song     
     (Old English folc; related to Old Saxon, Old Norse, Old High German folk)  
  folkish      adj  
  folkishness      n  

Beaker folk  
      n   a prehistoric people thought to have originated in the Iberian peninsula and spread to central Europe and Britain during the second millennium b.c.  
     (C20: named after the beakers found among their remains)  
folk dance  
1    any of various traditional rustic dances often originating from festivals or rituals  
2    a piece of music composed for such a dance  
  folk-dance   intr  
3    to perform a folk dance  
  folk dancing      n  
folk etymology  
1    the gradual change in the form of a word through the influence of a more familiar word or phrase with which it becomes associated, as for example sparrow-grass for asparagus  
2    a popular but erroneous conception of the origin of a word  
folk medicine  
      n   the traditional art of medicine as practised among rustic communities and primitive peoples, consisting typically of the use of herbal remedies, fruits and vegetables thought to have healing power, etc.  
folk memory  
      n   the memory of past events as preserved in a community  
folk music  
1    music that is passed on from generation to generation by oral tradition  
   Compare       art music  
2    any music composed in the idiom of this oral tradition  
      n   a style of rock music influenced by folk, including traditional material arranged for electric instruments  
folk singer  
      n   a person who sings folk songs or other songs in the folk idiom  
  folk singing      n  
folk song  
1    a song of which the music and text have been handed down by oral tradition among the common people  
2    a modern song which employs or reflects the folk idiom  
folk tale   , story  
      n   a tale or legend originating among a people and typically becoming part of an oral tradition  
folk weave  
      n   a type of fabric with a loose weave  
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