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1      (Also called)    flooring   the inner lower surface of a room  
2    a storey of a building  
the second floor     
3    a flat bottom surface in or on any structure  
the floor of a lift, a dance floor     
4    the bottom surface of a tunnel, cave, river, sea, etc.  
5      (Mining)   an underlying stratum  
6      (Nautical)   the bottom, or the lowermost framing members at the bottom, of a vessel  
7    that part of a legislative hall in which debate and other business is conducted  
8    the right to speak in a legislative or deliberative body (esp. in the phrases get, have, or be given the floor)  
9    the room in a stock exchange where trading takes place  
10    the earth; ground  
11    a minimum price charged or paid  
a wage floor     
12    take the floor   to begin dancing on a dance floor  
13    to cover with or construct a floor  
14    tr   to knock to the floor or ground  
15    tr  
Informal   to disconcert, confound, or defeat  
to be floored by a problem     
     (Old English flor; related to Old Norse florr, Middle Low German vlor floor, Latin planus level, Greek planan to cause to wander)  

first floor  
1      (Brit)   the floor or storey of a building immediately above the ground floor,   (U.S. and Canadian term)    second floor  
2      (U.S. and Canadian)      another term for       ground floor  
floor leader  
      n     (U.S. government)   a member of a legislative body who organizes his party's activities  
floor manager  
1    the stage manager employed in the production of a television programme  
2    a person in overall charge of one floor of a large shop or department store  
floor plan  
      n   a drawing to scale of the arrangement of rooms on one floor of a building  
   Compare       elevation       5  
floor show  
      n   a series of entertainments, such as singing, dancing, and comedy acts, performed in a nightclub  
floor trading  
      n   trading by personal contact on the floor of a market or exchange  
   Compare       screen trading  
ground floor  
1    the floor of a building level or almost level with the ground  
2    get in on (or start from) the ground floor  
a    to enter a business, organization, etc., at the lowest level  
b    to be in a project, undertaking, etc., from its inception  
ocean floor spreading  
      n      another term for       seafloor spreading  
second floor  
1      (Brit)   the storey of a building immediately above the first and two floors up from the ground,   (U.S. and Canadian term)    third floor  
2       the U.S. and Canadian term for       first floor  
shop floor  
1    the part of a factory housing the machines and men directly involved in production  
a    workers, esp. factory workers organized in a union  
b    (as modifier)  
shop-floor protest     
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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
defeat someone with arguments during a discussion; knock out [Fig.]
acronym for Rolling On Floor Laughing
informal term used for describing a pile of clothes left on the floor
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