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      adj   , flatter, flattest  
1    horizontal; level  
flat ground, a flat roof     
2    even or smooth, without projections or depressions  
a flat surface     
3    lying stretched out at full length; prostrate  
he lay flat on the ground     
4    having little depth or thickness; shallow  
a flat dish     
5    postpositive; often foll by: against   having a surface or side in complete contact with another surface  
flat against the wall     
6    spread out, unrolled, or levelled  
7    (of a tyre) deflated, either partially or completely  
8    (of shoes) having an unraised or only slightly raised heel  
9      (Chiefly Brit)  
a    (of races, racetracks, or racecourses) not having obstacles to be jumped  
b    of, relating to, or connected with flat racing as opposed to steeplechasing and hurdling  
flat jockeys earn more     
10    without qualification; total  
a flat denial     
11    without possibility of change; fixed  
a flat rate     
12    prenominal or immediately postpositive   neither more nor less; exact  
he did the journey in thirty minutes flat, a flat thirty minutes     
13    unexciting or lacking point or interest  
a flat joke     
14    without variation or resonance; monotonous  
a flat voice     
15    (of food) stale or tasteless  
16    (of beer, sparkling wines, etc.) having lost effervescence, as by exposure to air  
17    (of trade, business, a market, etc.) commercially inactive; sluggish  
18    (of a battery) fully discharged; dead  
19    (of a print, photograph, or painting) lacking contrast or shading between tones  
20    (of paint) without gloss or lustre; matt  
21    (of a painting) lacking perspective  
22    (of lighting) diffuse  
23      (Music)  
a    immediately postpositive   denoting a note of a given letter name (or the sound it represents) that has been lowered in pitch by one chromatic semitone  
B flat     
b    (of an instrument, voice, etc.) out of tune by being too low in pitch  
   Compare       sharp       12  
24      (Phonetics)      another word for       lenis  
25      (Phonetics)  
flat a   the vowel sound of a as in the usual U.S. or S Brit. pronunciation of hand, cat, usually represented by the symbol (æ)  
26    in or into a prostrate, level, or flat state or position  
he held his hand out flat     
27    completely or utterly; absolutely  
he went flat against the rules     
28    exactly; precisely  
in three minutes flat     
29      (Music)  
a    lower than a standard pitch  
b    too low in pitch  
she sings flat         Compare       sharp       18  
30    fall flat   to fail to achieve a desired effect, etc.  
31    flat out  
a    with the maximum speed or effort  
b    totally exhausted  
32    a flat object, surface, or part  
33    often pl   a low-lying tract of land, esp. a marsh or swamp  
34    often pl   a mud bank exposed at low tide  
35      (Music)  
a    an accidental that lowers the pitch of the following note by one chromatic semitone.,   (Usual symbol)    <flat>
b    a note affected by this accidental  
   Compare       sharp       19  
36      (Theatre)   a rectangular wooden frame covered with painted canvas, etc., used to form part of a stage setting  
37    a punctured car tyre  
38    often cap.; preceded by the  
  (Chiefly Brit)  
a    flat racing, esp. as opposed to steeplechasing and hurdling  
b    the season of flat racing  
39      (Nautical)   a flatboat or lighter  
40      (U.S. and Canadian)   a shallow box or container, used for holding plants, growing seedlings, etc.  
      vb   , flats, flatting, flatted  
41    to make or become flat  
42      (Music)      the usual U.S. word for       flatten       3     (See also)        flats  
     (C14: from Old Norse flatr; related to Old High German flaz flat, Greek platus flat, broad)  
  flatly      adv  
  flatness      n  
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Absence of Electric Systoles = Cardiac Arrest
regional term for flat white bread roll, other terms are bap, batch, cob
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