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1    excellent or choice in quality; very good of its kind  
a fine speech     
2    superior in skill, ability, or accomplishment  
a fine violinist     
3    (of weather) clear and dry  
4    enjoyable or satisfying  
a fine time     
5    postpositive  
Informal   quite well; in satisfactory health  
I feel fine     
6    satisfactory; acceptable  
that's fine by me     
7    of delicate composition or careful workmanship  
fine crystal     
8    (of precious metals) pure or having a high or specified degree of purity  
fine silver, gold 98 per cent fine     
9    subtle in perception; discriminating  
a fine eye for antique brasses     
10    abstruse or subtle  
a fine point in argument     
11    very thin or slender  
fine hair     
12    very small  
fine dust, fine print     
13    (of edges, blades, etc.) sharp; keen  
14    ornate, showy, or smart  
15    good-looking; handsome  
a fine young woman     
16    polished, elegant, or refined  
a fine gentleman     
17    morally upright and commendable  
a fine man     
18      (Cricket)   (of a fielding position) oblique to and behind the wicket  
fine leg     
19    prenominal  
Informal   disappointing or terrible  
a fine mess     
20    Informal   quite well; all right  
that suits me fine     
21       a nonstandard word for       finely  
22      (Billiards, etc.)   (of a stroke on the cue ball) so as to merely brush the object ball  
23    cut it fine   to allow little margin of time, space, etc.  
24    to make or become finer; refine  
25    often foll by: down or away   to make or become smaller  
26    tr   to clarify (wine, etc.) by adding finings  
27    tr     (Billiards)   to hit (a cue ball) fine  
28    intr; foll by up  
  (Austral. and N.Z.)  
informal   (of the weather) to become fine  
     (C13: from Old French fin, from Latin finis end, boundary, as in finis honorum the highest degree of honour)  
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expression used to describe something working fine, good or excellent
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