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1    the sum charged or paid for conveyance in a bus, train, aeroplane, etc.  
2    a paying passenger, esp. when carried by taxi  
3    a range of food and drink; diet  
      vb   intr  
4    to get on (as specified); manage  
he fared well     
5    with: it as a subject   to turn out or happen as specified  
it fared badly with him     
6    Archaic   to eat  
we fared sumptuously     
7    often foll by: forth  
Archaic   to go or travel  
     (Old English faran; related to Old Norse fara to travel, Old High German faran to go, Greek poros ford)  
  farer      n  

bill of fare  
      n      another name for       menu  
fare stage  
1    a section of a bus journey for which a set charge is made  
2    a bus stop marking the end of such a section  
fare-thee-well   , fare-you-well  
Informal     (chiefly U.S.)   a state of perfection  
the steak was cooked to a fare-thee-well     
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