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1    free from discrimination, dishonesty, etc.; just; impartial  
2    in conformity with rules or standards; legitimate  
a fair fight     
3    (of the hair or complexion) light in colour  
4    beautiful or lovely to look at  
5    moderately or quite good  
a fair piece of work     
6    unblemished; untainted  
7    (of the tide or wind) favourable to the passage of a vessel  
8    sunny, fine, or cloudless  
9    prenominal  
Informal   thorough; real  
a fair battle to get to the counter     
10    pleasant or courteous  
11    apparently good or valuable, but really false  
fair words     
12    open or unobstructed  
a fair passage     
13    (of handwriting) clear and legible  
14    a fair crack of the whip or (Austral.) a fair shake of the dice, fair go  
Informal   a fair opportunity; fair chance  
15    in a correct or just way  
16    fair do's  
a    equal shares or treatment  
b    an expression of appeal for equal shares or treatment  
17    fair enough!   an expression of agreement  
18    fair go!     (Austral. and N.Z.)  
informal   come off it!; I don't believe it!  
19    fair to middling   about average  
20    in a fair way; correctly  
act fair, now!     
21    absolutely or squarely; quite  
the question caught him fair off his guard     
22    Dialect   really or very  
fair tired     
23    intr  
Dialect   (of the weather) to become fine and mild  
24    Archaic   a person or thing that is beautiful or valuable, esp. a woman  
     (Old English fæger; related to Old Norse fagr, Old Saxon, Old High German fagar, Gothic fagrs suitable)  
  fairness      n  
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quite a lot
we came in for a fair bit of criticism; I've travelled in Asia a fair bit
manufactured according to fair trade principles: équitablement fabriqué?
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