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      n   (in Britain) a society that seeks to promote the legitimization of voluntary euthanasia  

1    a way out; door or gate by which people may leave  
2    the act or an instance of going out; departure  
a    the act of leaving or right to leave a particular place  
b    (as modifier)  
an exit visa     
4    departure from life; death  
5      (Theatre)   the act of going offstage  
6    (in Britain) a point at which vehicles may leave or join a motorway  
7      (Bridge, whist, etc.)  
a    the act of losing the lead deliberately  
b    a card enabling one to do this  
      vb   intr  
8    to go away or out; depart; leave  
9      (Theatre)   to go offstage: used as a stage direction  
exit Hamlet     
10      (Bridge, whist, etc.)   to lose the lead deliberately  
11    sometimes tr     (Computing)   to leave (a computer program or system)  
     (C17: from Latin exitus a departure, from exire to go out, from ex-1 + ire to go)  
exit poll  
      n   a poll taken by an organization by asking people how they voted in an election as they leave a polling station  
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ex, exile, exine, exist

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