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a    a person or group responsible for the administration of a project, activity, or business  
b    (as modifier)  
executive duties, an executive position     
a    the branch of government responsible for carrying out laws, decrees, etc.; administration  
b    any administration  
   Compare       judiciary       legislature  
3    having the function or purpose of carrying plans, orders, laws, etc., into practical effect  
4    of, relating to, or designed for an executive  
the executive suite     
5    Informal   of the most expensive or exclusive type  
executive housing, executive class     
  executively      adv  

account executive  
      n   an executive in an advertising agency or public relations firm who manages a client's account  
chief executive  
      n   the person with overall responsibility for the efficient running of a company, organization, etc.  
Executive Council  
      n   (in Australia and New Zealand) a body consisting of ministers of the Crown presided over by the Governor or Governor-General that formally approves Cabinet decisions, etc.  
executive director  
      n   a member of the board of directors of a company who is also an employee (usually full-time) of that company and who often has a specified area of responsibility, such as finance or production  
   Compare       nonexecutive director  
executive officer  
1    the second-in-command of any of certain military units  
2    a specialist seaman officer, responsible under the captain for the routine efficient running of the ship in the U.S., British (formerly), and certain other navies  
executive session  
      n     (U.S. government)   a session of the Senate for the discussion of executive business, such as the ratification of treaties: formerly held in secret  
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