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en face

1    facing forwards  
2    opposite; facing  
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a    the front of the head from the forehead to the lower jaw; visage  
b    (as modifier)  
face flannel, face cream     
a    the expression of the countenance; look  
a sad face     
b    a distorted expression, esp. to indicate disgust; grimace  
she made a face     
3    Informal   make-up (esp. in the phrase put one's face on.)  
4    outward appearance  
the face of the countryside is changing     
5    appearance or pretence (esp. in the phrases put a bold, good, bad, etc., face on)  
6    worth in the eyes of others; dignity (esp. in the phrases lose or save face)  
7    Informal   impudence or effrontery  
8    the main side of an object, building, etc., or the front  
the face of a palace, a cliff face     
9    the marked surface of an instrument, esp. the dial of a timepiece  
10    the functional or working side of an object, as of a tool or playing card  
a    the exposed area of a mine from which coal, ore, etc., may be mined  
b    (as modifier)  
face worker     
12    the uppermost part or surface  
the face of the earth     
13      (Also called)    side   any one of the plane surfaces of a crystal or other solid figure  
14      (Mountaineering)   a steep side of a mountain, bounded by ridges  
15    either of the surfaces of a coin, esp. the one that bears the head of a ruler  
16      (Brit)  
slang   a well-known or important person  
17      (Also called)    typeface     (Printing)  
a    the printing surface of any type character  
b    the style, the design, or sometimes the size of any type fount  
c    the print made from type  
18      (Nautical, aeronautics)   the aft or near side of a propeller blade  
19    fly in the face of   to act in defiance of  
20    in one's face   directly opposite or against one  
21    in (the) face of   despite  
22    look (someone) in the face   to look directly at a person without fear or shame  
23    on the face of it   to all appearances  
24    set one's face against   to oppose with determination  
25    show one's face   to make an appearance  
26    shut one's face  
Slang   often imperative   to be silent  
27    to someone's face   in someone's presence; directly and openly  
I told him the truth to his face     
28    until one is blue in the face  
Informal   to the utmost degree; indefinitely  
29    when intr, often foll by: to, towards, or on   to look or be situated or placed (in a specified direction)  
the house faces on the square     
30    to be opposite  
facing page 9     
31    tr   to meet or be confronted by  
in his work he faces many problems     
32    tr   to provide with a surface of a different material  
the cuffs were faced with velvet     
33    to dress the surface of (stone or other material)  
34    tr   to expose (a card) with the face uppermost  
35      (Military)     (chiefly U.S.)   to order (a formation) to turn in a certain direction or (of a formation) to turn as required  
right face!     
36      (Ice hockey)  
a    (of the referee) to drop (the puck) between two opposing players, as when starting or restarting play  
   See also       face-off  
b    to start or restart play in this manner  
37    face the music  
Informal   to confront the consequences of one's actions,   (See also)        face out       face up to  
     (C13: from Old French, from Vulgar Latin facia (unattested), from Latin facies form, related to facere to make)  
  faceable      adj  

1    a smooth round face like a baby's  
2    a person with such a face  
bold face  
1      (Printing)   a weight of type characterized by thick heavy lines, as the entry words in this dictionary  
   Compare       light face  
2    (of type) having this weight  
en face     (French)  
1    facing forwards  
2    opposite; facing  
      abbrev. for   Fellow of the Australian College of Education  
1    neuralgia  
2    Slang   an ugly or miserable-looking person  
face card  
      n      the usual U.S. and Canadian term for       court card  
      adj   (of a crystal) having a lattice point at the centre of each face of each unit cell as well as at the corners  
   Compare       body-centred  
face cloth   , face flannel  
      n     (Brit)   a small piece of cloth used to wash the face and hands,   (U.S. equivalent)    washcloth  
      vb   tr   to harden the surface of (steel or iron) by the addition of carbon at high temperature  
1    a cosmetic surgical operation for tightening sagging skin and smoothing unwanted wrinkles on the face  
2    any improvement or renovation, as of a building, etc.  
1      (Ice hockey)   the method of starting a game, in which the referee drops the puck, etc. between two opposing players  
2    a confrontation  
  face off   adv  
3    to start play by (a face-off)  
face out  
      vb   tr, adv  
1    to endure (trouble)  
2    to defy or act boldly in spite of (criticism, blame, etc.)  
3      (Also (esp. U.S. and Canadian))    face down   to cause to concede by a bold stare  
face pack  
      n   a cream treatment that cleanses and tones the skin  
face powder  
      n   a flesh-tinted cosmetic powder worn to make the face look less shiny, softer, etc.  
      adj   maintaining dignity or prestige  
  face-saver      n  
face to face  
      adj   face-to-face as adj  
1    opposite one another  
2    in confrontation  
face up to  
      vb   intr, adv + prep   to accept (an unpleasant fact, reality, etc.)  
face validity  
      n     (Psychol)   the extent to which a psychological test appears to measure what it is intended to measure  
face value  
1    the value written or stamped on the face of a commercial paper or coin  
2    apparent worth or value, as opposed to real worth  
Slang   aggressive and confrontational  
provocative in-your-face activism     
light face  
1      (Printing)   a weight of type characterized by light thin lines  
   Compare       bold face  
      adj     (also)   
2    (of type) having this weight  
long face  
      n   a disappointed, solemn, or miserable facial expression  
  long-faced      adj  
old face  
      n     (Printing)   a type style that originated in the 18th century, characterized by little contrast between thick and thin strokes  
   Compare       modern       5  
poker face  
Informal   a face without expression, as that of a poker player attempting to conceal the value of his cards  
  poker-faced      adj  
straight face  
      n   a serious facial expression, esp. one that conceals the impulse to laugh  
  straight-faced      adj  
      n   pl   , volte-face  
1    a reversal, as in opinion or policy  
2    a change of position so as to look, lie, etc., in the opposite direction  
     (C19: from French, from Italian volta-faccia, from volta a turn + faccia face)  

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1    clock     (Brit. slang)   countenance, dial     (Brit. slang)   features, kisser     (slang)   lineaments, mug     (slang)   phiz or phizog     (slang)   physiognomy, visage  
2    appearance, aspect, expression, frown, grimace, look, moue, pout, scowl, smirk  
3    air, appearance, disguise, display, exterior, façade, front, mask, pretence, semblance, show  
4    authority, dignity, honour, image, prestige, reputation, self-respect, standing, status  
5      (informal)   assurance, audacity, boldness, brass neck     (Brit. informal)   cheek     (informal)   chutzpah     (U.S. & Canad. informal)   confidence, effrontery, front, gall     (informal)   impudence, neck     (informal)   nerve, presumption, sauce     (informal)  
6    aspect, cover, exterior, facet, front, outside, right side, side, surface  
7    face to face      à deux, confronting, eyeball to eyeball, in confrontation, opposite, tête-à-tête, vis-à-vis  
8    fly in the face of      act in defiance of, defy, disobey, go against, oppose, rebel against, snap one's fingers at     (informal)  
9    on the face of it      apparently, at first sight, seemingly, to all appearances, to the eye  
10    pull (or make) a long face      frown, grimace, knit one's brows, look black, look disapproving, look displeased, look put out, look stern, lour or lower, pout, scowl, sulk  
11    show one's face      approach, be seen, come, put in or make an appearance, show up     (informal)   turn up  
12    to one's face      directly, in one's presence, openly, straight  
13    be confronted by, brave, come up against, confront, cope with, deal with, defy, encounter, experience, face off     (slang)   meet, oppose, tackle  
14    be opposite, front onto, give towards or onto, look onto, overlook  
15    clad, coat, cover, dress, finish, level, line, overlay, sheathe, surface, veneer  

1    cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery  
2    renovation, restoration  
face up to     
accept, acknowledge, come to terms with, confront, cope with, deal with, face the music, meet head-on, tackle  

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British slang in use at least from the 1940`s - abbreviation of 'physiognomy'
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