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1    relating to or denoting two  
2    twofold; double  
3    (in the grammar of Old English, Ancient Greek, and certain other languages) denoting a form of a word indicating that exactly two referents are being referred to  
4      (Maths, logic)   (of structures or expressions) having the property that the interchange of certain pairs of terms, and usually the distribution of negation, yields equivalent structures or expressions  
5      (Grammar)  
a    the dual number  
b    a dual form of a word  
     (C17: from Latin dualis concerning two, from duo two)  
  dually      adv  

Dual Alliance  
1    the alliance between France and Russia (1893--1917)  
2    the secret Austro-German alliance against Russia (1879) later expanded to the Triple Alliance  
dual carriageway  
      n     (Brit)   a road on which traffic travelling in opposite directions is separated by a central strip of turf, etc.,   (U.S. and Canadian name)    divided highway  
Dual Monarchy  
      n   the monarchy of Austria-Hungary from 1867 to 1918  
      adj   having or serving two functions  
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