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drink the Kool-Aid exp.
blindly believe in smth.; embrace an idea/practice without questioning it.
from the mass-suicide led by People Temple organization leader in 1978, who asked his followers to drink poisoned Kool-Aid juice.

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uncritically accepting smth


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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
(british slang) "a strong drink" as in "i need a stiff whisky so pour me a real snorter", or (nautical slang) "a strong wind".
bar or counter where drinks are served without limitation after paying a fixed fee
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      vb   , drinks, drinking, drank   , drunk  
1    to swallow (a liquid); imbibe  
2    tr   to take in or soak up (liquid); absorb  
this plant drinks a lot of water     
3    tr; usually foll by: in   to pay close attention (to); be fascinated (by)  
he drank in the speaker's every word     
4    tr   to bring (oneself into a certain condition) by consuming alcohol  
5    tr; often foll by: away   to dispose of or ruin by excessive expenditure on alcohol  
he drank away his fortune     
6    intr   to consume alcohol, esp. to excess  
7    when intr, foll by: to   to drink (a toast) in celebration, honour, or hope (of)  
8    drink (someone) under the table   to be able to drink more intoxicating beverage than (someone)  
9    drink the health of   to salute or celebrate with a toast  
10    drink with the flies     (Austral)  
informal   to drink alone  
11    liquid suitable for drinking; any beverage  
12    alcohol or its habitual or excessive consumption  
13    a portion of liquid for drinking; draught  
14    the drink  
Informal   the sea  
     (Old English drincan; related to Old Frisian drinka, Gothic drigkan, Old High German trinkan)  
  drinkable      adj  

cool drink  
      n     (S. African)   any soft drink  
      n   modifier   of or relating to driving a car after drinking alcohol  
drink-driving offences, drink-driving campaign     
soft drink  
      n   a nonalcoholic drink, usually cold  
strong drink  
      n   alcoholic drink  
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