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1    a piece of paper, booklet, etc., providing information, esp. of an official or legal nature  
2    a piece of text, such as a letter or article, stored in a computer as a file for manipulation by document processing software  
3    Archaic   evidence; proof  
      vb   tr  
4    to record or report in detail, as in the press, on television, etc.  
the trial was well documented by the media     
5    to support (statements in a book) with citations, references, etc.  
6    to support (a claim, etc.) with evidence or proof  
7    to furnish (a vessel) with official documents specifying its ownership, registration, weight, dimensions, and function  
     (C15: from Latin documentum a lesson, from docere to teach)  

document reader  
      n     (Computing)   a device that reads and inputs into a computer marks and characters on a special form, as by optical or magnetic character recognition  
offer document  
      n   a document sent by a person or firm making a takeover bid to the shareholders of the target company, giving details of the offer that has been made and, usually, reasons for accepting it  
registration document  
      n     (Brit)   a document giving identification details of a motor vehicle, including its manufacturer, date of registration, engine and chassis numbers, and owner's name  
   Compare       logbook       2  
source document  
      n   a document that has been or will be transcribed to a word processor or to the memory bank of a computer  
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A document that facilitates the distribution of online wealth and digital assets after user death.
right granted to a general assembly to give an opinion on the salaries and bonuses of top managers


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