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      adj   , -zier, -ziest  
1    affected with a whirling or reeling sensation; giddy  
2    mentally confused or bewildered  
3    causing or tending to cause vertigo or bewilderment  
4    Informal   foolish or flighty  
      vb   , -zies, -zying, -zied  
5    tr   to make dizzy  
     (Old English dysig silly; related to Old High German tusig weak, Old Norse dos quiet)  
  dizzily      adv  
  dizziness      n  
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1    faint, giddy, light-headed, off balance, reeling, shaky, staggering, swimming, vertiginous, weak at the knees, wobbly, woozy     (informal)  
2    at sea, befuddled, bemused, bewildered, confused, dazed, dazzled, muddled  
3    lofty, steep, vertiginous  
4      (informal)   capricious, fickle, flighty, foolish, frivolous, giddy, light-headed, scatterbrained, silly  

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