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1      (Finance)  
a    a distribution from the net profits of a company to its shareholders  
b    a pro-rata portion of this distribution received by a shareholder  
2    the share of a cooperative society's surplus allocated at the end of a period to members  
3      (Insurance)   a sum of money distributed from a company's net profits to the holders of certain policies  
4    something extra; bonus  
5    a number or quantity to be divided by another number or quantity  
   Compare       divisor  
6      (Law)   the proportion of an insolvent estate payable to the creditors  
     (C15: from Latin dividendum what is to be divided; see divide)  

cum dividend  
      adv   (of shares, etc.) with the right to current dividend  
   Compare       ex dividend  
     (cum, from Latin: with)  
dividend cover  
      n   the number of times that a company's dividends to shareholders could be paid out of its annual profits after tax, used as an indication of the probability that dividends will be maintained in subsequent years  
ex dividend  
      adv   without the right to the current dividend  
to quote shares ex dividend         Compare       cum dividend  
peace dividend  
      n   additional money available to a government from cuts in defence expenditure because of the end of a period of hostilities  
price-dividend ratio  
      n   the ratio of the price of a share on a stock exchange to the dividends per share paid in the previous year, used as a measure of a company's potential as an investment,   (Abbrevs.)    P-D ratio, PDR  
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