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1    characterized by or containing description; serving to describe  
2      (Grammar)   (of an adjective) serving to describe the referent of the noun modified, as for example the adjective brown as contrasted with my and former.  
3    relating to or based upon description or classification rather than explanation or prescription  
descriptive linguistics     
  descriptively      adv  
  descriptiveness      n  

descriptive geometry  
      n   the study of the projection of three-dimensional figures onto a plane surface  
descriptive linguistics  
      n   functioning as sing   the study of the description of the internal phonological, grammatical, and semantic structures of languages at given points in time without reference to their histories or to one another,   (Also called)    synchronic linguistics      Compare       historical linguistics  
descriptive metaphysics  
      n   functioning as sing   the philosophical study of the structure of how we think about the world  
descriptive notation  
      n     (Chess)   a method of denoting the squares on the chessboard in which each player names the files from the pieces that stand on them at the opening and numbers the ranks away from himself  
   Compare       algebraic notation  
descriptive statistics  
      n   functioning as sing   the use of statistics to describe a set of known data in a clear and concise manner, as in terms of its mean and variance, or diagramatically, as by a histogram  
   Compare       statistical inference  
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very large collection of digital data, whose analysis allows to predict patterns and behaviours through inductive reasoning
[Tech.] big data can be applied to behavioural retargeting in marketing, but also to predict epidemies through Google searches or analysing DNA
fraudulent changing of data before or during entry into the computer system.
[Tech.];[Leg.] examples include: forging or counterfeiting documents used for data entry and exchanging valid disks and tapes with modified replacements.
virtual storing of data
[Tech.] used for example to store users' navigation data for data mining
Interactive Databases System is a process of storing data in files based on interaction between pieces of data.
[Tech.] Interactive Databases System is a process of storing data in files
fill in information e.g. populate a table with data
Cybersecurity are measures of adopt of technologies, processes and practices aim to protect computers, networks and digital data from attack.
electric spectrum of data creating, storing, retrieving and synchronizing
[Tech.];[Leg.] date relating to electric digits
set of data relative to the online activity of one particular user
Digital footprint is a track left by user in form of data in process of transmission of information online
Process data that is created, stored or communicated by any information system, that is relevant to the process of adjudication.
[Tech.] Electronic Evidence
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