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dab hand


      n     (Brit)  
informal   a person who is particularly skilled at something; expert  
a dab hand at chess     
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dab hand

ace     (informal)   adept, buff     (informal)   dabster     (dialect)   expert, hotshot     (informal)   maven     (U.S.)   past master, whizz     (informal)   wizard  

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1    fist, hook, meathook     (slang)   mitt     (slang)   palm, paw     (informal)  
2    agency, direction, influence, part, participation, share  
3    aid, assistance, help, support  
4    artificer, artisan, craftsman, employee, hired man, labourer, operative, worker, workman  
5    calligraphy, chirography, handwriting, longhand, penmanship, script  
6    clap, ovation, round of applause  
7    ability, art, artistry, skill  
8    at or on hand      approaching, at one's fingertips, available, close, handy, imminent, just round the corner, near, nearby, on tap     (informal)   ready, within reach  
9    from hand to mouth      by necessity, improvidently, in poverty, insecurely, on the breadline     (informal)   precariously, uncertainly  
10    hand in glove      allied, in cahoots     (informal)   in league, in partnership  
11    hand over fist      by leaps and bounds, easily, steadily, swiftly  
12    in hand:     
a    in order, receiving attention, under control  
b    available for use, in reserve, put by, ready  
13    deliver, hand over, pass  
14    aid, assist, conduct, convey, give, guide, help, lead, present, transmit  

dab hand     
ace     (informal)   adept, buff     (informal)   dabster     (dialect)   expert, hotshot     (informal)   maven     (U.S.)   past master, whizz     (informal)   wizard  
direct, straight from the horse's mouth  
free hand  
      n   authority, blank cheque, carte blanche, discretion, freedom, latitude, liberty, scope  
hand down      , on  
bequeath, give, grant, pass on or down, transfer, will  
      adj   cast-off, handed down, inherited, passed on, reach-me-down     (informal)   second-hand, used, worn  
1    alms, charity, dole  
2    bulletin, circular, free sample, leaflet, literature     (informal)   mailshot, press release  
hand out     
deal out, disburse, dish out     (informal)   dispense, disseminate, distribute, give out, mete  
hand over     
deliver, donate, fork out or up     (slang)   present, release, surrender, transfer, turn over, yield  
choice, chosen, elect, elite, recherché, select, selected  
   haphazard, indiscriminate, random, run-of-the-mill, wholesale  
old hand     
expert, old soldier, old-timer, one of the old school, past master, veteran  
      adj   handed down, hand-me-down     (informal)   nearly new, reach-me-down     (informal)   used  
      adv   at second-hand, indirectly, on the grapevine     (informal)  
sleight of hand     
adroitness, artifice, dexterity, legerdemain, manipulation, prestidigitation, skill  
upper hand     
advantage, ascendancy, control, dominion, edge, mastery, superiority, supremacy, sway, whip hand  

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
a technology item that a young person no longer uses and hands over to an older person, after having purchased a last generation product
hand gesture of approval
wave hand as a sign of rejection, disapproval or lack of interest


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