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, cyclical  
1    recurring or revolving in cycles  
2    (of an organic compound) containing a closed saturated or unsaturated ring of atoms. See also heterocyclic and homocyclic  
3      (Botany)  
a    arranged in whorls  
cyclic petals     
b    having parts arranged in this way  
cyclic flowers     
4      (Music)   of or relating to a musical form consisting of several movements sharing thematic material  
5      (Geometry)   (of a polygon) having vertices that lie on a circle  
6    (in generative grammar) denoting one of a set of transformational rules all of which must apply to a clause before any one of them applies to any clause in which the first clause is embedded  
  cyclically      adv  

cyclic AMP  
      n   cyclic adenosine monophosphate: a constituent of biological cells, responsible for triggering processes that are dependent on hormones  
cyclic pitch lever  
      n   a lever in a helicopter to change the angle of attack of individual rotor blades, causing the helicopter to move forwards, backwards, or sideways  
   Compare       collective pitch lever  
      adj     (Transformational grammar)   denoting rules that apply only to main clauses  
   Compare       cyclic       6       post-cyclic  
      adj     (Transformational grammar)   denoting rules that apply only after the transformations of a whole cycle  
   Compare       cyclic       6       last-cyclic  
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