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1    of the immediate present; in progress  
current events     
2    most recent; up-to-date  
the current issue of a magazine     
3    commonly known, practised, or accepted; widespread  
a current rumour     
4    circulating and valid at present  
current coins     
5    (esp. of water or air) a steady usually natural flow  
6    a mass of air, body of water, etc., that has a steady flow in a particular direction  
7    the rate of flow of such a mass  
8      (Also called)    electric current     (Physics)  
a    a flow of electric charge through a conductor  
b    the rate of flow of this charge. It is usually measured in amperes.,   (Symbol)    I  
9    a general trend or drift  
currents of opinion     
     (C13: from Old French corant, literally: running, from corre to run, from Latin currere)  
  currently      adv  
  currentness      n  

alternating current  
      n   a continuous electric current that periodically reverses direction, usually sinusoidally,   (Abbrev.)    AC      Compare       direct current  
Cromwell Current  
      n   an equatorial Pacific current, flowing eastward from the Hawaiian Islands to the Galápagos Islands  
     (C20: named after T. Cromwell (1922--58), US oceanographer)  
current account  
1    an account at a bank or building society against which cheques may be drawn at any time,   (U.S. name)    checking account     (Canadian name)    chequing account  
2      (Economics)   that part of the balance of payments composed of the balance of trade and the invisible balance  
   Compare       capital account       1  
current assets  
      pl n   cash and operating assets that are convertible into cash within a year,   (Also called)    floating assets      Compare       fixed assets  
current-cost accounting  
      n   a method of accounting that values assets at their current replacement cost rather than their original cost. It is often used in times of high inflation  
   Compare       historical-cost accounting  
current density  
      n   the ratio of the electric current flowing at a particular point in a conductor to the cross-sectional area of the conductor taken perpendicular to the current flow at that point. It is measured in amperes per square metre.,   (Symbol)    J  
current efficiency  
      n     (Physics)   the ratio of the actual mass of a substance liberated from an electrolyte by the passage of current to the theoretical mass liberated according to Faraday's law  
current expenses  
      pl n   noncapital and usually recurrent expenditures necessary for the operation of a business  
current liabilities  
      pl n   business liabilities maturing within a year  
dark current  
      n   the residual current produced by a photoelectric device when not illuminated  
direct current  
      n   a continuous electric current that flows in one direction only, without substantial variation in magnitude,   (Abbrev.)    DC      Compare       alternating current  
eddy current  
      n   an electric current induced in a massive conductor, such as the core of an electromagnet, transformer, etc., by an alternating magnetic field,   (Also called)    Foucault current  
electric current  
      n      another name for       current       8  
Foucault current  
      n      another name for       eddy current  
Humboldt Current  
      n   a cold ocean current of the S Pacific, flowing north along the coasts of Chile and Peru,   (Also called)    Peru Current  
Japan Current  
      n   a warm ocean current flowing northeastwards off the E coast of Japan towards the North Pacific,   (Also called)    Kuroshio  
Labrador Current  
      n   a cold ocean current flowing southwards off the coast of Labrador and meeting the warm Gulf Stream, causing dense fogs off Newfoundland  
Peru Current  
      n      another name for the       Humboldt Current  
residual current device  
      n   a circuit-breaking device installed in electrical equipment to protect the operator from electrocution,   (Abbrev.)    RCD  
thermionic current  
      n   an electric current produced between two electrodes as a result of electrons emitted by thermionic emission  
turbidity current  
      n   a swirling mass of water and suspended material stirred up by a tsunami, a storm, a river in flood, etc.  
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Eddy current Test
Non destructive test method, abreviation in accordance with norm EN4179 or NAS410
expression used to describe a lost opportunity or something that is unlikely to happen in the current circumstances
c'est ta faute et non celle du courant quand tu tombes dans l'eau
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