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1    commendation or approval, as for an act or quality  
she was given credit for her work     
2    a person or thing serving as a source of good influence, repute, ability, etc.  
a credit to the team     
3    the quality of being believable or trustworthy  
that statement had credit     
4    influence or reputation coming from the approval or good opinion of others  
he acquired credit within the community     
5    belief in the truth, reliability, quality, etc., of someone or something  
I would give credit to that philosophy     
6    a sum of money or equivalent purchasing power, as at a shop, available for a person's use  
a    the positive balance in a person's bank account  
b    the sum of money that a bank makes available to a client in excess of any deposit  
a    the practice of permitting a buyer to receive goods or services before payment  
b    the time permitted for paying for such goods or services  
9    reputation for solvency and commercial or financial probity, inducing confidence among creditors  
10      (Accounting)  
a    acknowledgment of an income, liability, or capital item by entry on the right-hand side of an account  
b    the right-hand side of an account  
c    an entry on this side  
d    the total of such entries  
e    (as modifier)  
credit entries         Compare       debit       1  
11      (Education)  
a    a distinction awarded to an examination candidate obtaining good marks  
b    a section of an examination syllabus satisfactorily completed, as in higher and professional education  
12    letter of credit   an order authorizing a named person to draw money from correspondents of the issuer  
13    on credit   with payment to be made at a future date  
      vb   tr   , -dits, -diting, -dited  
14    foll by: with   to ascribe (to); give credit (for)  
they credited him with the discovery     
15    to accept as true; believe  
16    to do credit to  
17      (Accounting)  
a    to enter (an item) as a credit in an account  
b    to acknowledge (a payer) by making such an entry  
   Compare       debit       2  
18    to award a credit to (a student),   (See also)        credits  
     (C16: from Old French crédit, from Italian credito, from Latin creditum loan, from credere to believe)  
  creditless      adj  

credit account  
      n     (Brit)   a credit system by means of which customers may obtain goods and services before payment,   (Also called)    charge account  
credit card  
      n   a card issued by banks, businesses, etc., enabling the holder to obtain goods and services on credit  
credit line  
1    an acknowledgment of origin or authorship, as in a newspaper or film  
2      (Also called)    line of credit     (U.S. and Canadian)   the maximum credit that a customer is allowed  
credit rating  
      n   an evaluation of the creditworthiness of an individual or business enterprise  
credit-reference agency  
      n   an agency, other than a bank, that specializes in providing credit ratings of people or organizations  
credit squeeze  
      n   the control of credit facilities as an instrument of economic policy, associated with restrictions on bank loans and overdrafts, raised interest rates, etc.  
credit standing  
      n   reputation for discharging financial obligations  
credit transfer  
      n   a method of settling a debt by transferring money through a bank or post office, esp. for those who do not have cheque accounts  
credit union  
      n   a cooperative association whose members can obtain low-interest loans out of their combined savings  
family credit  
      n   (in Britain) a means-tested allowance paid to families who have at least one dependent child, and whose earnings from full-time work are low. It replaced Family Income Supplement  
letter of credit  
1    a letter issued by a bank entitling the bearer to draw funds up to a specified maximum from that bank or its agencies  
2    a letter addressed by a bank instructing the addressee to allow the person named to draw a specified sum on the credit of the addressor bank  
line of credit  
      n     (U.S. and Canadian)      another name for       credit line  
revolving credit  
      n   a letter of credit for a fixed sum, specifying that the beneficiary may make repeated use of the credit provided that the fixed sum is never exceeded  
Social Credit  
      n   (esp. in Canada) a right-wing Populist political party, movement, or doctrine based on the socioeconomic theories of Major C. H. Douglas  
  Social Crediter      n  
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take credit for another person's accomplishment
give credit to; to say an event caused something else.
Eg.: I attribute my illness to my friend who coughed at me.
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