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a    the fatty part of milk, which rises to the top if the milk is allowed to stand  
b    (as modifier)  
cream buns     
2    anything resembling cream in consistency  
shoe cream, beauty cream     
3    the best one or most essential part of something; pick  
the cream of the bunch, the cream of the joke     
4    a soup containing cream or milk  
cream of chicken soup     
5    any of various dishes, cakes, biscuits, etc., resembling or containing cream  
6    a confection made of fondant or soft fudge, often covered in chocolate  
7    cream sherry   a full-bodied sweet sherry  
a    a yellowish-white colour  
b    (as adj.)  
cream wallpaper     
9    tr   to skim or otherwise separate the cream from (milk)  
10    tr   to beat (foodstuffs, esp. butter and sugar) to a light creamy consistency  
11    intr   to form cream  
12    tr   to add or apply cream or any creamlike substance to  
to cream one's face, to cream coffee     
13    tr; sometimes foll by: off   to take away the best part of  
14    tr   to prepare or cook (vegetables, chicken, etc.) with cream or milk  
15    to allow (milk) to form a layer of cream on its surface or (of milk) to form such a layer  
16    tr  
Slang     (chiefly U.S., Canadian, and Austral)   to beat thoroughly  
17    intr  
Taboo slang   (of men) to ejaculate, as during orgasm  
     (C14: from Old French cresme, from Late Latin cramum cream, of Celtic origin; influenced by Church Latin chrisma unction, chrism)  
  creamlike      adj  

barrier cream  
      n   a cream used to protect the skin, esp. the hands, from dirt and from the action of oils or solvents  
Bavarian cream  
      n   a cold dessert consisting of a rich custard set with gelatine and flavoured in various ways,   (Also called)    bavarois     (French)  
clotted cream  
      n     (Brit)   a thick cream made from scalded milk, esp. in SW England,   (Also called)    Devonshire cream  
      n   an onagraceous plant, Epilobium hirsutum, native to Europe and Asia and introduced into North America, having purplish-red flowers and hairy stems and leaves,   (Also called)    hairy willowherb  
cold cream  
      n   an emulsion of water and fat used cosmetically for softening and cleansing the skin  
cream cheese  
      n   a smooth soft white cheese made from soured cream or milk  
cream cracker  
      n     (Brit)   a crisp unsweetened biscuit, often eaten with cheese  
cream of tartar  
      n      another name for       potassium hydrogen tartrate   esp. when used in baking powders   esp. when used in baking powders  
cream puff  
1    a shell of light pastry with a custard or cream filling  
2    Informal   an effeminate man  
cream sauce  
      n   a white sauce made from cream, butter, etc.  
cream soda  
      n   a carbonated soft drink flavoured with vanilla  
cream tea  
      n   afternoon tea including bread or scones served with clotted cream and jam  
Devonshire cream  
      n      another name for       clotted cream  
double cream  
      n   thick cream with a high fat-content  
      adj   denoting or made with whole unskimmed milk  
glacier cream  
      n     (Mountaineering)   a barrier cream, esp. against ultraviolet radiation, used when climbing above the snow line  
ice cream  
      n   a kind of sweetened frozen liquid, properly made from cream and egg yolks but often made from milk or a custard base, flavoured in various ways  
ice-cream cone   , cornet  
1    a conical edible wafer for holding ice cream  
2    such a cone containing ice cream  
ice-cream soda  
      n     (Chiefly U.S)   ice cream served in a tall glass of carbonated water and a little milk, usually flavoured in various ways  
Neapolitan ice cream  
      n   ice cream, usually in brick form, with several layers of different colours and flavours  
pastry cream  
      n   a creamy custard, often flavoured, used as a filling for éclairs, flans, etc.,   (Also called)    pastry custard  
single cream  
      n   cream having a low fat content that does not thicken with beating  
sour cream  
      n   cream soured by lactic acid bacteria, used in making salads, dips, etc.,   (Also called)    soured cream  
vanishing cream  
      n   a cosmetic cream that is colourless once applied, used as a foundation for powder or as a cleansing or moisturizing cream  
whipping cream  
      n   cream that contains just enough butterfat to allow it to be whipped until stiff  
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