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corn shock


      n   a stack or bundle of bound or unbound corn piled upright for curing or drying  
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corn          [1]  
1      (Brit)  
a    any of various cereal plants, esp. the predominant crop of a region, such as wheat in England and oats in Scotland and Ireland  
b    the seeds of such plants, esp. after harvesting  
c    a single seed of such plants; a grain  
2       the usual U.S., Canadian, Austral., and N.Z. name for       maize  
See also  
    sweet corn       1       popcorn       1  
a    the plants producing these kinds of grain considered as a growing crop  
spring corn     
b    (in combination)  
a cornfield     
4       short for       corn whisky  
5    Slang   an idea, song, etc., regarded as banal or sentimental  
6    Archaic or dialect   any hard particle or grain  
      vb   tr  
7    to feed (animals) with corn, esp. oats  
a    to preserve in brine  
b    to salt  
9    to plant corn on  
     (Old English corn; related to Old Norse, Old High German corn, Gothic kaúrn, Latin granum, Sanskrit jirná fragile)  

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