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a    a change or adaptation in form, character, or function  
b    something changed in one of these respects  
2    a change to another attitude or belief, as in a change of religion  
3      (Maths)   a change in the units or form of a number or expression  
the conversion of miles to kilometres involves multiplying by 1.61     
4      (Logic)   a form of inference by which one proposition is obtained as the converse of another proposition  
5      (Law)  
a    unauthorized dealing with or the assumption of rights of ownership to another's personal property  
b    the changing of real property into personalty or personalty into realty  
6      (Rugby)   a score made after a try by kicking the ball over the crossbar from a place kick  
7      (Physics)   a change of fertile material to fissile material in a reactor  
a    an alteration to a car engine to improve its performance  
b    (as modifier)  
a conversion kit     
9    material alteration to the structure or fittings of a building undergoing a change in function or legal status  
10      (N.Z.)   the unauthorized appropriation of a motor vehicle  
     (C14: from Latin conversio a turning around; see convert)  
  conversional, conversionary      adj  

conversion disorder  
      n   a psychological disorder in which severe physical symptoms like blindness or paralysis appear with no apparent physical cause  
energy conversion  
      n   the process of changing one form of energy into another, such as nuclear energy into heat or solar energy into electrical energy  
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tending to produce a pyruvate residue in metabolism which undergoes conversion to a carbohydrate (as glucose) and is eventually stored as a complex carbohydrate (as glycogen)
physician in charge in a SAMU medical Regulation center of evaluation of , calssification , sorting Medical Emergencies, and deciding of the prehospital best emergency care
called also Medical Regulator and different of English Medical Dispatchers who are not physicians
1. the discharge or release of a person appearing in court of all criminal charges because they have been found not guilty. 2. a release from an obligation, duty, or debt.
legal E.g After the clear acquittal from the judge, he had to start his life all over again.
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