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a    a change or adaptation in form, character, or function  
b    something changed in one of these respects  
2    a change to another attitude or belief, as in a change of religion  
3      (Maths)   a change in the units or form of a number or expression  
the conversion of miles to kilometres involves multiplying by 1.61     
4      (Logic)   a form of inference by which one proposition is obtained as the converse of another proposition  
5      (Law)  
a    unauthorized dealing with or the assumption of rights of ownership to another's personal property  
b    the changing of real property into personalty or personalty into realty  
6      (Rugby)   a score made after a try by kicking the ball over the crossbar from a place kick  
7      (Physics)   a change of fertile material to fissile material in a reactor  
a    an alteration to a car engine to improve its performance  
b    (as modifier)  
a conversion kit     
9    material alteration to the structure or fittings of a building undergoing a change in function or legal status  
10      (N.Z.)   the unauthorized appropriation of a motor vehicle  
     (C14: from Latin conversio a turning around; see convert)  
  conversional, conversionary      adj  

conversion disorder  
      n   a psychological disorder in which severe physical symptoms like blindness or paralysis appear with no apparent physical cause  
energy conversion  
      n   the process of changing one form of energy into another, such as nuclear energy into heat or solar energy into electrical energy  
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tending to produce a pyruvate residue in metabolism which undergoes conversion to a carbohydrate (as glucose) and is eventually stored as a complex carbohydrate (as glycogen)
physician in charge in a SAMU medical Regulation center of evaluation of , calssification , sorting Medical Emergencies, and deciding of the prehospital best emergency care
called also Medical Regulator and different of English Medical Dispatchers who are not physicians


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