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      n   the. the mainland of Europe as distinguished from the British Isles  

continent   [1]  
1    one of the earth's large land masses (Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, North and South America, and Antarctica)  
2    that part of the earth's crust that rises above the oceans and is composed of sialic rocks. Including the continental shelves, the continents occupy 30 per cent of the earth's surface  
3    Obsolete  
a    mainland as opposed to islands  
b    a continuous extent of land  
     (C16: from the Latin phrase terra continens continuous land, from continere; see contain)  
  continental      adj  
  continentally      adv  
continent   [2]  
1    able to control urination and defecation  
2    exercising self-restraint, esp. from sexual activity; chaste  
     (C14: from Latin continent-, present participle of continere; see contain)  
  continence, continency      n  
  continently      adv  
Dark Continent  
      n   the. a term for Africa when it was relatively unexplored  
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