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1    having every necessary part or element; entire  
2    ended; finished  
3    prenominal   thorough; absolute  
he is a complete rogue     
4    perfect in quality or kind  
he is a complete scholar     
5    (of a logical system) constituted such that a contradiction arises on the addition of any proposition that cannot be deduced from the axioms of the system  
   Compare       consistent       5  
6    (of flowers) having sepals, petals, stamens, and carpels  
7    Archaic   expert or skilled; accomplished  
      vb   tr  
8    to make whole or perfect  
9    to end; finish  
10    (in land law) to pay any outstanding balance on a contract for the conveyance of land in exchange for the title deeds, so that the ownership of the land changes hands  
11      (American football)   (of a quarterback) to make a forward pass successfully  
     (C14: from Latin completus, past participle of complere to fill up; see complement)  
  completely      adv  
   completeness             n  
  completer      n  
  completion      n  
  completive      adj  
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