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1    of, connected with, or engaged in commerce; mercantile  
2    sponsored or paid for by an advertiser  
commercial television     
3    having profit as the main aim  
commercial music     
4    (of goods, chemicals, etc.) of unrefined quality or presentation and produced in bulk for use in industry  
5    a commercially sponsored advertisement on radio or television  
  commerciality      n  
  commercially      adv  

commercial art  
      n   graphic art for commercial uses such as advertising, packaging, etc.  
  commercial artist      n  
commercial bank  
      n   a bank primarily engaged in making short-term loans from funds deposited in current accounts  
commercial break  
      n   an interruption in a radio or television programme for the broadcasting of advertisements  
commercial college  
      n   a college providing tuition in commercial skills, such as shorthand and book-keeping  
commercial paper  
      n   a short-term negotiable document, such as a bill of exchange, promissory note, etc., calling for the transference of a specified sum of money at a designated date  
commercial traveller  
      n      another name for a       travelling salesman  
commercial vehicle  
      n   a vehicle for carrying goods or (less commonly) passengers  
euro-commercial paper  
      n   commercial paper issued in a eurocurrency  
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a lengthy commercial (frequently of a half-hour or hour's duration) parading as information or a documentary, though not necessarily presented by a celebrity.
A person who rejects consumerism and seeks to contribute to the environmental protection by reducing waste, especially by retrieving and using discarded food and other goods.
blend of 'free' and 'vegan'. Ex: I met a group of freegans, and I was blown away when they showed me how much food is wasted every day.
buying or selling of goods tangible or intangible and services commonly on internet actually happen in cyberspace is called ecommerce or cyber commerce
in spite of the flaws/minuses/disadvantages; with goods and bads; with minuses and pluses
love / accept smb. flaws and all = love /accept smb. as he/she is, with qualities and flaws.
a business model in which goods or services are shared, swapped, or rented over networks, rather than being owned by individuals
Ex: Airbnb, the peer-to-peer accomodation marketplace Related to the concept of "sharing economy"
having good taste
be in a good shape
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